“The missing piece” already found – There is nothing new in the TESLA storage.

vrijdag 22 mei 2015 - 08u41

The “missing piece” had been found a long time ago in a Sauerland valley!
In the past month, you had to ask yourself: What have TESLA and its owner Elon Musk actually been looking for and are still looking for when they came up with the term “The Missing Piece”?

The reason for this is that there is nothing new in the “missing piece”, as it is described by Elon Musk; it has been in existence in the market for sustainable energy solutions for a long time. It can be found in the beautiful Sauerland, in the so-called Hoppecke Valley. In the past 3 years alone, HOPPECKE has already been realising more than 5,000 home storage systems sun | powerpack classic.

They can now be found in German houses and garages. But that’s not all: Soon, the next generation, the sun | powerpack premium, – another result of intensive research and development activities in the field of lithium-ion and battery management technology – will come into the market. Maximum safety combined with a solid, compact and modern design as well as excellent energy efficiency are the decisive properties of this durable storage system with best cycle behaviour; scalability from 5 to 30kWh. Deliberately, HOPPECKE does not rely on battery cells, which are used today in electrical devices and e-cars, since they have not been developed for use in home storage operation.

Even large storage systems up to the MWh range e.g. used for grid stabilisation in case of great feeding of renewably generated electricity or in off-grid and self-sufficient current supplies are nothing new to HOPPECKE. Here, in the past years alone, more than 300MWh storage capacity has been supplied. However, HOPPECKE is propitiated regarding the marketing initiative of Elon Musk and announces: “We are happy about the good marketing for our battery storage systems. Further, we are convinced that we have a lead of several years over Tesla in this market.”

Here you can find the detailed press release: Link Press release (pdf)