Online-Monitoring In-Spector®, BCMU-A Hardware-Komponente

Online-Monitoring In-Spector®, BCMU-A Hardware-Komponente

You can reduce operating costs with permanent online monitoring of the battery system.

The BCMU-A battery monitoring is the basis of the HOPPECKE Online monitoring concept In-Spector®. All systems are continuously online monitored by the HOPPECKE Service Center. Failures can be avoided, service activities can be planned timely and regular activities can be reduced to the necessary minimum. It is possible to plan service activities on time ahead. Regular on-site service can be reduced to the necessary minimum.

BCMU-A battery monitoring is easy to install and can be applied in different variants. Detection of voltage, internal resistance and temperature of battery cells or blocks is primary possible. Sensors like temperature, humidity, oxyhydrogen gas sensor etc. can be also integrated. Furthermore there is a possibility to retrofit the system in existing battery installations. 

Your benefits with HOPPECKE BCMU-A

  • Reduced operating costs - permanent online monitoring supports early fault recognition and planning of suitable service
  • Increased system availability - supports preventive maintenance
  • Easy installation - sensor modules connected via data bus
  • Flexible configurations - Monitoring of max. 12 combined cells or every single cell/block