Electrolyte Circulation System

Electrolyte Circulation System

The HOPPECKE Electrolyte Circulation System pumps ambient air to the bottom of each battery cell. Emerging air bubbles rise through the electrolyte, ensuring a homogeneous electrolyte density distribution in each cell. The system is switched on and off automatically and is virtually maintenance free. The system is easy to install (plug & play), works independently and can be retrofit to OPzS solar.power batteries. For safe operation the system is equipped with maintenance free pump motor and filter for air intake.

Your benefits with HOPPECKE Electrolyte Circulation System

  • Economic recharge - increased charging efficiency, significant reduced recharge time and cost reduction
  • Environment-friendly - reduced runtime of additional (Diesel) generators and cost savings
  • Extended battery service life - no acid stratification
  • Minimum maintenance costs - maintenance free pump system (automatically controlled)
  • Reduced battery service costs - reduced water loss for longer refill intervals

Typical Applications

  • Solar-/Off-grid applications
    Power supply for remote off-grid applications and isolated power networks, drinking water supply systems, healthcare facilities
  • Telecommunications
    Mobile phone stations
    Off-grid/on-grid solutions
  • Traffic systems
    Signaling systems