trak® basic 50Hz

trak® basic 50Hz

Chargers for vented lead-acid traction batteries

B-F15 FS Chargers ...

  • are automatic chargers that guarantee safe full charging of lead-acid traction batteries
  • enable quick and controlled charging of the battery according to the customer requirements
  • have firmly defined charge characteristics per ZVEI information leaflet “charger classification for vented lead-acid traction batteries”
  • are modularly designed and thus service friendly, increasing the flexibility of the user
  • start the charge process with a time delay after battery connection and turning on of the charge process
  • are provided with safety interruptions up to 2.4 volts/cell, time-controlled interruptions are also implemented

Function description

  • The microprocessor controlled charge electronic monitors the charging process fully automatically
  • The charge time is automatically adjusted to the depth of discharge from the battery
  • Disconnect by du/dt-control (voltage rise)
  • During longer rest times, the battery is kept on standby with automatic refresher charges
  • In case of a fault, the battery and the charger are protected by superior safety disconnects
  • The charge electronics detect slightly sulfated batteries and charge these completely by conditioning charge“