trak® fnc

trak® fnc

Traction energy systems for continuous operation

If you wish to make use of vehicles over 24 hours/7 days without battery changeover, then HOPPECKE trak® fnc provides the unique solution!

The trak® fnc alkaline battery comprises a HOPPECKE traction battery using FNC® technology combined with a microprocessorregulated charger and a battery control unit.

The trak® fnc system stands out for its extremely high resistance to cycling, and the ability to operate in partly charged condition.

Product benefits

  • maximum vehicle availability
  • maximum operating reliability
  • maximum operating cost savings
  • no need for a central charging station
  • may be used under severe conditions
  • may be used in cold stores
  • good reliability for planning purposes
  • lower battery weight, volume and size
  • Reduced charging times and excellent ability to accept high currents
  • High performance at low temperatures
  • No changeover batteries
  • No sudden system failure
  • Maximum energy density
  • Excellent mechanical and electro-chemical stability
  • Decentralised charging
  • Constant monitoring of battery capacity by the BCU (battery control unit)
  • No sudden system failure
  • Maximum energy density