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Battery return and recycling

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The Hoppecke Smelter

Your benefits from HOPPECKE

  • Hassle-free return – We organise the collection of your old batteries
  • Fully compliant and certified disposal in the HOPPECKE in-house smelter
  • Documented confirmation of recycling
  • Comprehensive collection coverage

 Your Partner for Battery Recycling

for over 40 years
We, at HOPPECKE, consider ourselves responsible for the resources entrusted to us – people, the environment and raw materials.
For more than 40 years we have been operating our own smelter (certified special waste disposal operation) and offer our customers and the market as a whole our own battery return and recycling system as prescribed under German battery regulations.

We more than meet our responsibilities

  • We organise the collection of old batteries direct from your premises, irrespective of manufacturer and type, and ensure that all packing and transportation regulations are observed
  • We guarantee properly conducted recycling and provide you with a certificate of confirmation. You have absolute certainty that your lead-acid batteries requiring disposal have been correctly processed.
  • We provide a comprehensive logistical service in Germany and throughout Europe

Certified special scrap disposal operation

Our guarantee of properly conducted disposal
Working together with environment authorities and associations, we are constantly optimising our production methods. We have at our disposal the very latest technology for the recovery of lead, plastic and acid.
Our smelter is an approved recycling plant for lead-acid batteries. It is an authorised special waste disposal operation under the relevant German legislation and is certified in accordance with ISO – 9001/2000 and ISO 14001. The recycling efficiency levels required under German battery legislation are met in full.
For us, environmental protection is a matter of course.
Our standards exceed the legal requirements.
The recovered metallic lead is refined, alloyed and cast into ingots, which are then fed back into the HOPPECKE production process. In this way we ensure careful handling of a scarce raw material which is utilised in an environmentally compatible economic cycle.